Cuyutlan is found 60 km southeast of Manzanillo along the federal coastal highway 200 which snakes through the state of Colima. It is a quiet, picturesque destination that has a lovely black-sand beach perfect for strolling and soaking in the fresh ocean air. During April and May when the seas swell, tourists admire the famous “Green Wave” (sunlight filtering through the wave makes it appear green) and is ideal for professional surfers only. The town also boasts a turtle sanctuary housing varying sizes and types of the marine reptile and educates the public on the recovery efforts of these giant sea creatures. During the fall time, the sanctuary helps protect turtle nests and eggs from poachers, and oversees vast release programs for newborn turtles hatched in captivity. Very close to the Cuyutlan Lagoon, visitors can fish and take a jaunt in a boat to admire the varying phases of migratory birds that use the calm body as an estuary.

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